Penn Badgley Gallery

Welcome to Penn Badgley gallery where you will find different photos of the young Hollywood celebrity. Every fan of Gossip Girl certainly wants to know what Penn Badgley photo shoot has to offer. Like every other actor, Penn’s albums consist of pictures from various places, starting from daily pictures and ending with the ones taken while standing on different shades of the red carpet. It’s also worth mentioning that during the popular years in Gossip Girl, the actor was one of the top priority targets for the paparazzi. When you look at Penn Badgley it’s quite obvious that the actor has a great physique and is definitely suitable for modelling. However it’s also strange, because Penn never tried to do professional modelling for magazine covers. But as long as his movie a career is expanding successfully, there is really no point in pursuing another sphere. Besides he still has plenty of time to try out professional modelling photo shoots and we can easily say that with those looks – he would nail it!

Now most of the photo collections contain close-up Penn Badgley photos that really expose his handsome, manly face features. It would be very hard to find another actor in Hollywood with the same sexy cheekbones, as Penn Badgley has. And let’s not forget the beard! The softly trimmed beard makes this guy a winner among the ladies. We can only guess that those looks come from self-care, healthy eating and daily workout. So for all you fans out there – better start changing your everyday live routines if you want to look as attractive as Penn Badgley is. Maybe you’ll even get a chance to have your own photo shoot someday! Otherwise the only thing you’ll do is let your tears fall down as you watch the perfect Penn Badgley images with envy.