When you talk about Gossip Girl, you have in mind rising stars as well and Penn Badgley is not an exception. There are many things we could say about this young Hollywood hunk. However what really matters is that not only he is handsome and popular among girls, but also talented. His own filmography proves that Penn Badgley is a versatile actor who does not only act in TV series, but also in drama, comedy and even horror movies. What else do we know about Penn Badgley? He is really good singer! And that’s where things get even more interesting. In 2012 he got the role of Jeff Buckley, an influential American singer, who tragically died by drowning. Penn Badgley brought Jeff Buckley to the big screens as best as he could and also he produced his own vocals for some of the songs in the movie! You still think that Penn Badgley is only a figure that looks good in movies and on covers of different magazines? Well, you’re wrong. Actor engaged in charity work for the Red Cross organization and was declared as one of its official members. Surprise, surprise! Now while he is still young, he does not have any major awards for his on screen performances. But since the cult TV series Gossip Girl has ended not so long ago and he was committed to this contact for six years, it’s quite natural he had to refuse opportunities to appear on some of major movies. We could talk about Penn Badgley much more, but one thing is known for sure, this young Hollywood star has a big movie star career potential and he is making huge steps towards it.


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